Get Your Own House in Order 1st

by | Mar 25, 2020

Not so long back, the Betting and Gaming Council were banging the drum about how the black market poses a threat to their industry and protecting the vulnerable and how it would undermine future legislation for UKGC licence holders. But my message to them is clear- get your own house in order first and then deal with that issue after. That said, this can be the perfect time for them (and us) to do both.

You’d think that my name would’ve been blacklisted by gambling companies, both in the UK and abroad and someone like me wouldn’t be receiving constant marketing texts from affiliates, both UKGC based and abroad (aka the ‘black market’) but I do, everyday. But it’s not just me, it’s seemingly all of us. Friends and relatives that have never even gambled online are getting these texts and emails, all of which are from UKGC companies. Whether this marketing is sent from an affiliate or not, to some degree is irrelevant because it’s the UKGC company that is responsible for their behaviour. The point is, if we’re getting this bombardment, what hope to those that are stuck in the haze of disordered gambling have to free themselves of their painful disease?

So does it not make complete sense to sort out the issue of affiliate marketing right now? Right now when our lives are so susceptible to entering into a world of potential psychological turmoil. We can weed out the affiliates and big-name companies that have no scruples and that will leave us with the ones that do act ‘responsibly’ and of course the black market.

We will engage with you if you truly want to change things and make a difference with tackling the black market and sorting out your own practices. We will be heard either way, should you choose not to.

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