Resilience During Strange Times

by | Mar 25, 2020

We are living in unprecedented times, reduced social contact and routines unfamiliar to us all – potentially increasing anxiety and bringing low mood. 

The virtual world becomes more prominent.

Keeping well, physically and mentally, means structuring the day in new ways, taking the opportunity to learn new skills and develop different ways of connecting.  

What are my top tips? Each of us will have our own but i’d like to share mine with you:.

  • Routine – find a new routine and stick to it.

  • Contact – phones, Skype, Zoom – make the effort to speak to colleagues and friends.

  • Share – funny video clips, interesting news and issues (not always about COVID – 19)

  • Break down the day – social, work, explore new interests.

  • Set goals – simple goals that are achievable.

  • Acknowledge feelings – discuss them, challenge negative thoughts.

  • Vulnerabilities – understand our triggers, put strategies in place, delay any impulses to drink, gamble etc, chat to a friend.

  • Positive – remember the journey you have been on, remember how much you have and can achieve.

  • Relax – take time out to relax, music, film, yoga ( a great in home activity )

  • Exercise – so much online today, social distancing walking.

    Remember most importantly, we are all in it together, this time will pass, we claim tomorrow, the next day and the future. 

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any of us at Gamvisory if you ever need a chat.

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