Our Team


Panel Member: Nick Phillips

Empathy and understanding of the wide range of issues associated with gambling harm is very important to me. Together we can deliver a spectrum of safer gambling that protects the consumer as well as the industry. I want to help stop anyone going through what I went through. Let’s make the UK the envy of the world by being truly the hub of safer gambling.


Alex Macey

I am an ex-detective and ex-disordered gambler. Whilst in the process of leaving the police I gained a lot of insight into the workings and failings of the gambling world and set about challenging the industry and the regulator with evidence-based knowledge. It became quite clear then that there was little interest in meaningful dialogue but I believe things have now moved on. I have appeared both at the APPG and The Lords to give evidence into gambling related harm during 2019. I have been fortunate that I have managed to get my voice heard and I appreciate the difficulties others have in not being able to do this. I feel it’s imperative that if I have the ability to speak for others then that’s what I need to do.



Panel Member: Danny Cheetham

I am a Manchester-born previous disordered gambler which brought much pain and destruction to my life. I aim to never bet again. I believe gambling operators, financial lenders and banks, need to adopt more responsible safeguards. I feel that the current attitudes towards gambling and being in debt are due a change; too many people are left stigmatised or battling for longer than deserved.
I am proud to be closely associated with Monzo Bank. Their gambling blocking software, which came along well before the major banks, is to be applauded.


Panel Member: TBA

Announcement on appointment being made VERY soon.