Dean Frost

Former and well-respected National Football League manager has a passion to help others and make change happen.

dean frost.jpg

I battled with compulsive gambling for over 20 years.  I started betting from a very young age, starting on fruit machines and progressing to standing in betting shops and gambling on horses, dogs & football – and anything that moved. I loved the thrill, buzz, anticipation and excitement that gambling gave me.  But, unfortunately my gambling had dire consequences – I didn’t know when to stop.  Regardless as to whether I won or I lost, I couldn’t stop. The power of gambling was greater than me.

After years of trying to win my money back and years of chasing the thrill – I decided on Wednesday 5th April 2017 at 12am that I’d had enough!  Since then, I haven’t placed a bet thanks to attending group meetings, having a daily programme and mentoring others. 

Today my purpose in life is to provide for my wife and daughter and helping others in addiction. I’m also very passionate about carrying a message of experience, strength and hope. I have a strong interest in human behaviour around addiction, in particular gambling. 

As a father I see how online gaming is now being used to create the next generation of  those seeking instant gratification through gambling or over spending or any other addictive behaviour. That’s why I would love to help this organisation and see more protection for people when it comes to gaming and gambling. Gambling is a growing addiction, I believe at epidemic levels. I would love to see change. I would love to help and be part of that change and use the skills I’ve learned over the years and the experiences I have to be assist in doing so.