Football and gambling

The relationship between football and gambling has become inherently linked. This is a big problem because the business models now appear reliant upon the gambling industry. This issue is now finally being brought to the forefront. We can help by being a part of the discussions and solutions to this tricky issue.

Some of the topics

  • How children are exposed to gambling advertisements throughout games.

  • How so many clubs are sponsored by gambling companies.

  • How now even a player is indirectly sponsored (who happened to be a former addict!).

  • How children are nurtured to gamble as soon as they become adults.

  • How clubs have become so reliant on gambling money…so much so they’ve recently said they want more fat of the lamb.

  • How a betting company owned the exclusive rights for some FA cup games.

  • The Sports Minister acknowledging the issue of gambling and football needing to be addressed.

  • More football figures admitting to their own gambling issues.

    ……..the list goes on.