We are being watched….

It’s time the secrecy around how our data is used within the gambling sector is revealed once and for all

We know that many companies use third parties to analyse our data. What we don’t seem to know is how they do so and for what purposes. The current guise is that it’s largely used for ‘anti-fraud’ detection, we know it goes much further than this. Companies use data analytics to detect when customers win via sporting bets. They install software onto your devices to assist them. They then use this data to restrict or close down accounts. But we don’t appear to ever hear from anyone that has a restricted account when it comes to the casino parts of their business.

The clear and obvious question we have is that if this data can be used to detect fraud and winning customers, surely it can be used to detect signs of disordered gambling also?

We’ve heard from many sources that when they attempt to obtain this data, data that is held about them, they can’t access it. Submissions via Subject Access Requests, both to the third parties and the gambling licence holder do not get actioned. The responses we are seeing is that both the third party and the licence holder inform the individual that the other is responsible for handing this data over. We clearly feel that this is an organised attempt by both parties to ensure the data isn’t handed over. We’ve also heard that the Information Commissioner’s Office hasn’t intervened well enough to assist consumers with this matter and many other matters also.

However, when The Gambling Commission conduct regulatory action, they will have of course, obtained access to this material as it would be highly relevant to their investigations. Therefore, those convicted of past offences relating to committing crime to fund disordered gambling should have had this material accessible to them to ensure a fair hearing. Furthermore, anyone else currently going through criminal proceedings should have access to this material. So we very much look forward to having this material disclosed, either by The Gambling Commission, the ICO, the gambling companies or the third party. Any one of you will do.

We want answers….

  • How is our data used?

  • Is it used to protect vulnerable people, if so how?

  • Why won’t you let us have this data?

  • Is the data used to increase yield from customers?

  • Why has the data not assisted with AML checks?

  • What data is scrutinised and obtained?