Is justice being properly served?

One of our focusses at Gamvisory is to question whether there is and has been true accountability from UKGC gambling companies towards customers that have shown clear and obvious traits of disordered gambling.   We will question whether those that have committed crime to fund this gambling have been given a fair trial and whether the sentences they receive are proportionate and conducive to the full facts.  

It’s understandable to simply look at someone that has committed a crime and think they deserve their punishment.  We don’t condone crime to fund gambling and those that have committed offences more often than not fully accept their guilt very early on. We just want to understand whether things are being done fairly and correctly.

We believe there could be issues with both the prosecution and defence that need to be addressed urgently to ensure there are fair hearings.

Is there case law relating to the questions we pose? One such point to consider is that if an offence has been committed (money laundering) which could then cause the existence of another offence to be committed (theft to fund disordered gambling) what bearing can this have on the case?

Questions need answering

We are not lawyers, we are simply asking questions that make sense to us. People continue to receive long custodial sentences that we feel are potentially not proportionate when scrutinising the topics we discuss below. All we ask for is that our questions are answered so we can be satisfied that due processes are being completed properly, and are in accordance with receiving a fair court hearing.

Some of what we have written may not be relevant or applicable to the points that we are trying to make. If this is the case then we will correct them immediately. We welcome such scrutiny. This section has been formulated to ensure that people are receiving fairness, we are therefore simply asking to be assured that this is happening. If it isn’t then it’s need putting right.


A Look into Regulatory Action

We take a look into the role of the Gambling Commission in relation to when companies have failed to comply with money laundering regulations and social responsibility rules. We ask questions about how these investigations should be linked-in with cases involving criminality to fund disordered gambling.

How is our data really used

We ask questions about the unknowns of how of our data is actually being used by the use of third parties. Is it possible that this data is being used to enhance yield from gamblers instead of protecting them. How can we find this out?


Criminal Investigations Process

A look into the rules governing the disclosure of evidence for criminal cases. We ask questions into whether all relevant evidence is being obtained and revealed to the defence when people are sentenced for criminality to fund disordered gambling.


Gambling Disorder

We explain how Gambling Disorder is an official mental health condition and how it’s been around since 2013. We ask questions about how this condition has been taken into account during court cases involving criminality fo fund disordered gambling.


Money Laundering Regulations

We take a look into money laundering regulations and ask questions about whether these are truly being complied with. We pose questions about how cases that don’t involve criminality with high spending customers with clear disordered gambling traits can be compared to criminal cases.


The Proceeds of Crime

We ask questions about the use of POCA orders made against those sentenced for criminality to fund disorderedgambling. Are these justified when, potentially in many of the cases, the stolen money sits with the gambling companies or is paid back via ‘gestures of goodwill’.