We’re living in extraordinary times is the phrase currently used to describe many of the current once in a lifetime (unfortunate) moments.

The standout fortunate moment in relation to gambling has been the Betting and Gaming Council’s member agreement to end UK TV & Radio advertising starting from the 6th May until early June.

The action in itself was greeted with wide praise but needs to be taken with a sense of trepidation equally.
We are a few days into the self-imposed restrictions and already there have been many reports of breaches and safer gambling replacement advertising which is causing a more prominent mark that the gesture was only token based and not fully wanted by all members.

The short period of time the ban is in place is likely bring in more grounds for government, campaigner and even industry conversations into the real impact of gambling adverts on all platforms. The ban could also be interpreted as being an industry acceptance of the likely damage being created by the extent of the high volume of Gambling adverts. The Betting and Gaming Council’s (BGC) CEO Dugher has also acknowledged there were concerns over an often reported increase in gambling levels during the lock down but decided that the BGC members had taken a series of measures which would reassure the public and quell MP’s concerns.

He explained this by saying, “From the very start of the current lockdown, I knew that understandably there would be genuine concerns that isolation, boredom and financial anxiety might lead to an increase in gambling.

“Last week’s announcement from the BGC that we were introducing a voluntary ban on advertising gaming products on TV and radio was just the latest in a series of measures taken to reassure the public and further improve safer gambling at this time.”

Once the advertising ban has ended there will likely be heavy monitoring of the pace in which the adverts return to their previous rates. It will also be the opportunity to investigate further the use of direct marketing and online presence as these were neglectfully left out from the ban.

Over the coming weeks Gamvisory will be monitoring online advert volumes and looking further into the many adverts already being reported to still be being aired on UK TV stations.