“I have regained my life”

My name is Nick I am a compulsive gambler. That sentence might be familiar to anyone attending Gamblers Anonymous, who may be going to these meetings for support in stopping gambling. I have been attending meetings for over 12 years but such is the strength of the illness, that I have relapsed 3 times since I stepped through the doors. It has taken another huge financial loss combined with losing family/friends, who at my lowest could not stop me from wanting to take my own life. A stranger walking his dog did that and made me realise what I had to live for. Since then after months of therapy and facing up to things, I have started to regain my self respect, dignity and mostly my family and friends back. I wanted to be brave enough to help others and raise awareness of this horrible addiction and so the path I have chosen is to turn my negative experience of gambling into a positive. I want to say to people that there is a life after gambling. I am now studying Psychology and Counselling at degree level and as part of Gamvisory I will lead the section for Education and Treatment of Gambling Disorder. We collectively want to raise awareness of the dangers of Gambling and support the people who need us the most.