I sat in a room with a bunch of influential people in the field of gambling reform a year or so back and listened to Tom Watson deliver a speech about labour’s manifesto pledges to reform gambling. It was an amazing speech and I plucked up the courage to stand up and ask Tom a couple of pivotal questions.

A year on and Tom gets a job at U.K. Music. Soon after this he supports his long time close friend Michael Dugher and brands people like me ‘Prohibitionists’. 

Michael has blocked from me twitter. As most who may have come across me will know, I may be candid and back that up with evidence but I am not abusive to warrant being blocked. 

There are no such things as coincidences in this life. I challenged Tom publicly and to his credit he wrote me, to try and justify his use of the word ‘Prohibitionist’. He didn’t reply however. Since then he’s kept quiet within the gambling environment. 

Such a shame how a man that was a trailblazer in gambling reform and got the debate to such a high level sold himself short.

I don’t like politics and I certainly don’t like being involved in it. 

Helping those exploited at the expense of profit and greed is what I stand for. 

So join up the dots and see the bigger picture.