TOPICStudy to monitor personalised gambling marketing received.
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Call for assessment of personalised marketing received over 2 week period

Following-on from our publication of 16.03 and 19.03 in relation to the practices of White Label and Affiliate marketing, we are calling for 20 ex-disordered gamblers and ‘ordinary’ gamblers (those that perceive themselves to be in control of their gambling) and even non-gamblers, to provide us with their personal exposure to gambling marketing material over a two week period to be analysed professionally.

There is strict criteria for this. The welfare of participants is of the upmost importance and nobody should take part in this if there is a possibility that by monitoring your gambling marketing it may affect your mental wellbeing and or make you susceptible to relapsing or susceptible to gambling when you didn’t want to do so. If your instincts tell you that this may be the case then please do not consider participating. For those of you that are considering participating and live alone, we would also strongly advise you to not participate. For those that feel they have completely stepped away from their disordered gambling and have a very close support network, such as a partner, who may be able to assist in this process together, would be the most ideal candidates.

The study would entail you taking screenshots of all emails and text messages received from gambling companies for a period of two weeks. Spam emails are included. A brief note next to each piece of marketing to indicate whether the marketing appears to have come directly from a company or whether the sender cannot be easily identified is required. At no time do we wish for any participant to click through the URL to take them to the gambling company marketed.

If at any time during compiling your material you feel that by doing so is affecting your mental well-being and or making you feel susceptible to gambling, you must stop participating immediately and end your involvement. It would be ideal to be able to ask a partner/loved one to complete the full process on your behalf if possible, so long as they themselves have no susceptibility to gambling disorderly.

Please contact us using the form below if you can participate or have any additional views on this statement for us to consider.