What is a Subject Access Request?

A Subject Access Request or SAR is your legal right to obtain your data. By completing a SAR you can ascertain the exact details of your gambling history with any licence holder you have gambled with online. Once you submit your SAR request the licence holder/company is legally obliged to provide you the relevant material within 28 working days.

Why Bother?

Firstly, it is important to know that some people may not actually want to see their data as it may invoke some tough memories and may disrupt your mental health and general recovery. However, you can still access your data by giving either an individual or another company consent to do so on your behalf. The benefit of obtaining your data and either scrutinising it yourself or via another person/third party, is that it may become evident that the company or companies you gambled with may not have adhered to the rules of the Gambling Act 2005. If it is uncovered that this is the case then it is important that the Gambling Commission are made aware. In addition, we would advise notifying other parties as it’s become clear that the Gambling Commission don’t often seem proactive in dealing with such evidence. We are keen to learn of this is the case for you.

What’s a licence holder?

The licence holder is effectively the parent company, of which has been granted an official licence to operate in the U.K. by the Gambling Commission. Often, the licence holder can then have a number of subsidiary companies listed under its licence. The best way to find out who the company you have gambled with actually belongs to is by visiting the following link from the Gambling Commission’s website:

How do I ask for a SAR?

It is very simple. You can go straight to the company you’ve gambled with and ask for a SAR via either finding their data-privacy email address or simply request that the customer service email address forward it to them. You can normally find the relevant address you’ll need by searching online. If you feel this may trigger a gambling episode then you are strongly advised to ask someone else to do this for you. It is important that you explain to the company that your request relates to the licence holder. This may uncover that you’ve had more than one account with a particular licence holder.

What do I ask for?

We have compiled the following list for you, which may not be an exhaustive list. Our experience has shown that time and time again the licence holder will not release material relating to your data that has been used by third parties. We feel it is very important to ask for this and in the event the licence holder does not provide this material you should ask them why.

1) How long each account(s) was/ were opened for.

2) If the accounts are open/ closed and if closed how were they closed and how many times have they been opened/ closed.

3) Total money deposits / Total money withdrawals for each account.

4) Total money wagered for each account.

5) Total money paid out for each account.

6) Profit/ Loss for each account.

7) Date/ time/ amount of all deposits for each account.

8) Date/ time/ amount of all withdrawals for each account.

9) That my spending was in control with your site and proof of checks you carried out on this?

10) Any evidence of cancelled withdrawals on your site.

11) Copies of chat logs and email conversations I had with your company.

12) Copies of bonuses I was offered/ received.

13) How many payment types did I have registered on your site.

14) Evidence of checks you carried out regarding my source of income.

15) Evidence of being asked and providing proof of my identification.

16) Evidence of the checks and any interactions made to ascertain if my gambling was excessive or conducive of being out of control or any internal notes/checks carried out.

17) Was there any self exclusion

18) Evidence of all marketing sent to me, whether by the licence holder or affiliates acting on behalf of the licence holder.

19) Itemised play on account.

20) Details of all third parties used by the licence holder relating me 

And in general any other relevant information you as an operator has on my gambling activity.

What do I do next?

If you or someone else is able to review your SAR material and suspect that the company has not treated you with care and followed the rules then you can contact us for advice. We can only offer advice. We will not be in position to review your data however.