The harm caused by disordered gambling is really in the public’s eye at the moment. But those people that have actually been harmed are rarely asked to talk about it.

How to get the right voices heard.

The representation and selection of EbEs is a process that will involve much careful consideration. It’s time to stop talking amongst ourselves and be listened to.


There has to be a realisation that having the ability to articulate and communicate the right messages to ensure that the representation of EbEs is a productive process is challenging. We would like a cross section of individuals that can be called upon to represent their experiences and views, to ensure that any event that is deemed suitable for such representation, is done so to maximise the impact on those audiences. We all continue to be frustrated when we see the same old events happening without our involvement, yet we continually complain that we are not represented. Gamvisory Group can therefore be utilised as a ‘go-to’ for calling upon the right representations to be made.

Things in the gambling sphere are now moving at a rapid rate, so it’s absolutely essential that EbEs are utilised immediately so we can be involved in having our say on any changes that are coming. We believe that presently the representation of EbEs often comes from organisations that either receive direct funding from the industry or are indirectly funded via an unknown methodology by the Gambling Commission. If we were to receive any such funding to allow such representation of EbEs then we would do so in the knowledge that the experiences and views are not in any way determined or subjected to influence by doing so.

How to involve the right people

Since our founding objective is to bring transparency into many aspects of the gambling sphere, we of course will act with transparency with our selection process. All decisions will be made by our panel taking all of the necessary considerations into account.

We know that many of you may wish to be involved. If you aren’t a part of our portal we hope that you trust us in understanding that the main objectives are to ensure we achieve the ability to affect change as succinctly and as professionally as possible.

Ultimately everyone that wants a voice should be able to be heard, so keep speaking out via social media and however else you wish to get your messages across.

If you wish to be a part of the Gamvisory Group and offer your vital experiences as an EbE, please use the ‘contact us’ form for consideration.


Our considerations

Our panel are all EbEs themselves with a variety of skills and experiences. We ourselves will be able to represent Gamvisory Group at appropriate events but as time progresses it’s the involvement of the many that is a key, not the few. When others are needed to be called upon we will take the following points into consideration:

  • That your health and mental wellbeing is of paramount importance.

  • That your disordered gambling has been resolved for a sustained period of time.

  • You have an ability to articulate your experiences and views fairly and can do so pragmatically.

  • Have the ability to put personal views to one side and represent the many that have suffered.

  • Be willing and able to meaningfully engage with audiences that may have conflicting views to your own.

  • Having the ability to be called upon to attend relevant events.

  • Being confident in speaking publicly.

  • Knowing that your representation is not motivated for any other reason than to be a representative for change.

  • Not already being represented in any other gambling-funded role.