“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst”

William Penn


The Sooner the Better

As things are moving at such a fast rate we believe that the time is now right to launch Gamvisory Group. We know that the general issue of involving EbEs is being talked about in many different quarters and that new and organised projects will soon emerge. By doing what we are doing we can link-in and compliment some of these as they develop. We just feel simply…..the sooner the better.

What we want to make clear is that we don’t profess to be the experts of experts. We are just attempting to do the best we can and be the fairest we can. There are already other great organisations representing some affected groups. We feel we are the missing link right now.

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The recent tie-up between the Gambling Commission and some of the big licence holders was probably the last straw for many of us. Especially since these very companies faced penalties for failings in the very areas they are now meant to be looking into.

Many other EbEs are already working in support roles, particularly within the existing and new NHS clinics. Others are also finding their own ways of attempting to bring change. So for the rest of us, Gamvisory Group can be the ‘other’ collective voice.


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